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Star Ocean Blue Sphere Dated

Early June release for mobile remake of Game Boy Star Ocean classic.


Star Ocean Blue Sphere is being remade. Unfortunately, it's for cell phones. But perhaps this will lead to something that actually counts, like a full-blown PSP or DS remake.

Thankfully, the wait for the cell phone version to get out of the way won't be too long. Square Enix updated the game's official site today with news of a June 8 release. iMode users will have exclusive access to the title at first.

Screens from the remake.

Star Ocean Blue Sphere is set two years after the events of Star Ocean 2. Originally released for Game Boy, the mobile version promises updated visuals and gameplay systems.

Go to the official site for looks at five new characters: Leon, Bowman, Chisato, Noel, and Rival. There's also that marvelously retro RPG tune in the background that must be heard.

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