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Softsign Plans Classic Neo Geo and PC Engine Releases

Coming to consoles, cell phones and the PC


Softsign announced today that it has signed an agreement with Excel to develop and publish games that were originally published under the Face label.

Face published games through the '80s and '90s on such platforms as the Famicom (NES), PC Engine (Turbo Grafx), and Neo Geo. Major titles include Fushigi no Yume no Alice (PC Engine), Time Cruise II (PC Engine), Cross Weever (PC Engine), Gururin (Neo Geo), Metal Stoker (PC Engine) and Money Idol Exchanger (Neo Geo).

Softsign plans on actively releasing these classics on a variety of platforms, including consoles, PC and cell phones.

While specific platforms were not mentioned in Softsign's press release, Virtual Console seems like it might be a perfect fit for the program.

Metal Stoker and Cyber Cross
Cross Weaver and Time Cruise II
Money Idol Exchanger and Gururin

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