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Spike Opens Mystery Teaser Site

New game to be unveiled on first day of E3. Company seeking videos of building and bridge carnage.


Spike has a new game in the works. Really, they do.

Here's the proof:

Yep, it's another one of those mystery teaser sites everyone's talking about.

This one depicts a brick building and promises an opening for June 2, which also happens to be the first day of E3 (the date is the text in red above the button -- the button doesn't seem to actually do anything at present).

There's a bit of interactivity at the site. Point your mouse at the building, and the pointer turns into a hammer. You can slam away at the building, eventually breaking it:

The text that appears behind the brick wall says "Searching for videos of bridges, buildings and other structures being torn down. Share your information here."

Click the text in yellow, a browser window should open up, taking you to a blog page which asks for readers to post URLs leading to, as requested, videos of buildings, bridges and other such structures being torn down. A couple of posters have done just that.

Hmm... What does it mean?

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