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Sony's Kaz Hirai Talks Profits and PS3 Price Drop

Turn to profit a major mission for the company; price drop depends on market movements.


Sony Computer Entertainment prez Kaz Hirai discussed Sony's bottom line and pricing strategies with Kyodo News Service and other news organizations on the 28th.

"Becoming profitable is one of our major missions," said Hirai, according to a Kyodo report (at the Kyoto Shimbun website). He said that Sony plans on increasing profitability by strengthening its cost cutting strategies for the PS3 and other platforms and also increasing software numbers.

Online comes into Sony's plans in a big way, it seems. The company hopes to increase online game software sales from last year's 20 billion yen to 50 billion yen this fiscal year. Sony's CFO was a little more ambitious in his projections earlier in the month.

Sony is also looking into putting to use the knowhow that it has attained with its PlayStation Network service towards other major Sony products such as televisions, digital cameras, and PCs. The company believes that doing this will add value to Sony products.

The big area of concern for potential PlayStation 3 buyers is, of course, price. Regarding the possibility of a price drop for the system, Hirai said "We'll think about it as we watch the movements of the market."

While not mentioned in the Kyodo story, there is wide belief out there that Sony will announce a PS3 price drop at E3. Ars Technica posted today a story from its always reliable Mole indicating that Sony won't be showing the previously rumored slim-line PS3 at the show, as it hopes to first clear out current PS3 stock over the coming months. If this is Sony's desire, an E3 price drop could be a good way to get people into stores and buying the current model.

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