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Falcom Plans Limited Bundle for Ys Seven

Learn what happened between parts six and seven in the series through special drama CD.


When you're playing Ys Seven, you might find yourself wondering what the heck happened to Adol in the time between parts 6 and part 7. If you picked up the limited edition version of Seven, you'll find the answer inside the box!

Falcom announced today a special Limited Edition bundle version of Ys Seven. Priced at 7,980 yen, up from the 6,090 yen of the standard version, the bundle includes a limited drama CD which details the story from the ending of Ys 6 to the beginning of Ys 7. Adol and Dogi will appear in the drama, joined by a number of Ys 6 characters.

The drama CD looks like it's getting some high production values. Voice actors from past Ys games and OVAs will lend their talents, with Takeshi Kusao as Adol and Tesshou Genda as Dogi. Illustrator Enami Katsumi will be handling the jacket illustration.

Those who look inside the box and don't find the drama CD will have probably purchased the standard edition. Don't worry! You'll still be able to catch up on Adol's full story, although it will cost you a bit. Chara-ani plans a solo release for the drama CD, priced at 3,000 yen. This represents a 1,000 yen premium over the limited bundle, so those who know they want the drama CD should plan accordingly.

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