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Gust Delivers Streaming Music for WiiWare

Get your fix of Atelier music through an unexpected multimedia app.


The Wii has a manga distribution service, a movie distribution service, and an infomercial distribution service. What's the one type of multimedia content that's missing?

The answer we're looking for is: music.

Enter Gust. Yes, the same Gust that makes all those alchemy RPGs. This will come into play in just a bit.

Gust shared first details today on Game Sound Station, a music database and distribution service for WiiWare. The service will kick off on June 9.

The Game Sound Station official site.

To use Game Sound Station, you must first download the "Game Sound Station" WiiWare listening app from the Wii Shopping Channel. This is priced at 1,000 WiiPoints.

The listening app includes as a freebie two soundtracks for Gust's own Atelier series of games, offering a total of 22 tracks. To obtain more music, you have to purchase tickets. A 300 WiiPoint ticket give you access to all the service's music for one day. 500 WiiPoints gives you three days access. 1,000 WiiPoints gives you 30 days access. These tickets are purchased directly from the listening app's title screen.

Purchasing credits.

Music at the service is all game based. And it gets a little more specific than that. Currently, only Gust, Super Sweep, Team Entertainment, Hats Unlimited and Frontier Works are listed among the publishers providing music. You'll find soundtracks for the Atelier series, Agarest Senki, Mana Kehmia, Ar Tonelico, and so-forth. It's all basically music from the games you'd expect from companies like Gust or Compile Hearts. You can see a full list of titles at the official site

While Gust promises more CDs for download in the future, there's no mention of plans to broaden the service's scope beyond this particular type of offering.

Despite the limited variety, Gust does appear to be giving users top rate functionality for everything from searching to playback.

Search options for browsing the service's database include CD title, artist name, game maker, CD ranking, release date, game title, voice actor, label, and track ranking.


The player allows for reverb, delay, and chorus effects, and the ability to toggle lyrics.


You can also make play lists to play back music in the order that you want. You'll be able to specify a full screen wall paper to serve as your background while the play list is playing.


That sounds like the makings for a quality music download service, albeit for a limited audience. Gust fans with WiiPoints to spare will be in heaven when the service kicks off in a couple of weeks.

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