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Here's What's in the Nikkei Mario/Wii Fit Print Story

Twice the text with no extra details.


My previous report on Nintendo's plans for a new Wii Fit and Mario game was based off an online version of a Nikkei print story. I managed to get my hands on a print version, so here's what's different.

In typical fashion for the paper, the online version has only half the text of the print version. Unfortunately, there isn't really much additional information to report.

The print version refers to the new Wii Fit specifically as Wii Fit Plus, confirming the trademark that was reported over at Siliconera the other day.

Leaked logo of Wii Fit Plus.

This was probably obvious, but the print version also makes it pretty clear that there will be additional competitive elements to the game outside of just the competitive weight loss race that was mentioned in the online report. That's just one example of the game's online use.

The print version also states that the increased precision of the measurement capabilities will allow you to better manage your health state.

Sadly, the Nikkei report doesn't specify if you'll need new version of the Wii Balance Board for the added precision. I imagine this won't be the case. Added precision would probably come from improved software routines and, possibly, greater use of the Wiimote and possibly Wiimote plus.

As for the new Mario game, there's no mention of it outside of what was said in the online version -- just a quick reference in the article's opening paragraph. The story is mostly about Wii Fit rather than Mario.

All should be cleared up in just a couple of days at Nintendo's E3 press conference.

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