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Date Set for Gran Turismo PSP

Sony and Polyphony promise a full release for PSP players, with 800 cars and 35 courses.

It lives!

Gran Turismo 4 Mobile is no more. Enter Gran Turismo. Just Gran Turismo, like the original PlayStation version.

That's the name of the PSP entry in the series. Assumed by most to be pure vaporware, the game took on solid shape at Sony's E3 press conference today as Polyphony president Kazunori Yamauchi took the stage to formally announce the title.

Polyphony later followed with official details at Gran Turismo.com.

The PSP entry in the series appears to be a full Gran Turismo game, with over 800 cars, 35 courses playable on 60 layouts, and a powerful graphics engine that's capable of the series' standard 60 frame per second.

The game promises a single player mode complete with time trial and drift trial options and a mission mode with over 100 missions. Players will have access to a dealer where they purchase their cars using money earned on missions. The car lineup here will change based off play time.

Expected of a PSP game, Gran Turismo will support wireless play via ad-hoc. In addition to four player simultaneous races, players will be able to trade cars with one another in order to work towards completing their garage. The game will offer some cars that can only be acquired through trading.

In Japan, Gran Turismo will hit the PSP on October 8.

Click here to stream the game's E3 trailer. The footage also shows a quality look at the new PSP Go hardware.

GT5 Prologue players can also access an HD version of the trailer through Gran Turismo TV. Sony will also make the trailer available for PlayStation Store download shortly.

While the PSP debut of Gran Turismo was the major Gran Turismo news at Sony's press conference, the company also offered a brief teaser glimpse at Gran Turismo 5. Click here to stream the "concept movie" that was shown during the press conference. Look closely (or not so closely) for hints at some new additions to the series.

As with the PSP GT video, the GT5 trailer can be downloaded in HD from Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and will also be available shortly through PlayStation Store.

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