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Kingdom Hearts Tops Tsutaya Charts

Square Enix franchise beats Gyakuten Kenji and Dynasty Warriors.

Expect 358/2 Days to top the Media Create Charts later this week as well.

Last week saw a big lineup of new releases, but it was still pretty easy to figure out which game would come out on top. As most were probably expecting, Kingdom Hearts topped the charts for the week, according to data from retailer Tsutaya.

As passed along by Tsutaya merchandizer Taketo Matsuo in his weekly column at Mainichi.jp, 358/2 Days was the best selling game for 5/18 through 5/24. Gyakuten Kenji (Capcom, DS) took 2nd, followed by Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires (Koei, PS3), Sloan & McHale (Level-5, DS), and Hero 30 (MMV, PSP).

Matsuo attributes 358/2 Days' success to it being for the DS, which is strong with light users, and to the early start of promotions for the game.

The top three games each sold twice as many copies as Matsuo had originally forecast.

For the coming week, Matsuo expects Kingdom Hearts and Gyakuten Kenji to remain in the top, with Arc Rise Fantasia debuting in third place.

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