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Blood of Bahamut Gets a Soundtrack

Special "in-game code" item links up with DS action RPG.

The specially made CD jacket art.

When Blood of Bahamut arrives on August 6, it's going to have four player multiplayer action, giants based around Final Fantasy summons, and probably an epic soundtrack to go along with it all.

Thankfully, the wait to get that soundtrack in your MP3 player won't be too long. Square Enix detailed today the Blood of Bahamut Original Soundtrack. The soundtrack will arrive on August 12, and feature all BGM from the game as composed by Naoshi Mizuta of Final Fantasy XI fame. Pricing is set at 2,500 yen.

For a sampling of what you'll get, see the soundtrack's official site. Refresh the site a few times, and you may end up getting a second background song!

Those who do pick up the soundtrack will get a special bonus item in the form of an "In-game Code." Just what this code does is a mystery at present.

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