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Chrono Trigger Soundtrack Hits in July

DS remake gets three disc music set next month.

Last year's remake at long last gets a soundtrack.

Looking to relive the DS version of Chrono Trigger? You'll get the chance in July through an original soundtrack for the game.

Joining its announcement of the Blood of Bahamut Original Soundtrack, Square Enix announced yesterday the Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack. This three disc set contains all the BGM from last year's DS remake.

Square Enix is including a very special bonus item with the soundtrack. Buyers will get a "Special Contents DVD" that includes an interview with composer Yasunori Mitsuda and music videos for "Chrono Trigger Orchestra Version" and "Chrono Trigger Medley Orchestra Version."

Look for the soundtrack in shops on July 29 at 3,800 yen. For a sample track, see the soundtrack's official teaser page.

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