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Wii Goes Black This Summer

Nintendo celebrates Monster Hunter 3 release with the Wii's first color variation, and some black peripherals.


The Wii hardware lineup is at long last going multiethnic. Nintendo announced today plans for the system's first color variation, to be known here as "Kuro," or "Black."

Set for release on August 1, the Nintendo Wii Black unit is just like the current Wii unit, but black. To make sure things match up, Nintendo is including black versions of the Wiimote and Nunchuck.

Pricing for the black system is set at 25,000 yen. This is the same price as the current model. Overseas buyers should note that here in Japan, the Wii does not include Wii Sports.

Coinciding with the new color, Nintendo will make available a series of black peripherals. Separate black Wiimotes will go for 3,800 yen, with black Nunchucks costing 1,800 yen. These prices are consistent with the current white lineup.

August 1 is also the release date for Nintendo's Classic Controller Pro peripheral. A white version of this was already announced for 2,000 yen. Nintendo announced today that a black version will also be available on that day, priced at 2,000 yen as well.

The second Wii color.
Black versions of the Wiimote (note the condom), the Nunchuck, and the Classic Controller Pro.

The August 1st timing for all these new devices appears to matches perfectly with one of the Wii's biggest summer releases, Monster Hunter 3. Sure enough, the Wii entry in the blockbuster series will have some tie-ups with the new products.

Previously, Capcom announced standard and Classic Controller Pro versions of MH3, priced at respectively 7,340 yen and 8,490 yen. To this, Capcom added today a Classic Controller Black version, priced at 8,490 yen as well, and the Monster Hunter 3 Special Pack, which combines the Classic Controller Black package with a black Wii, all for 33,000 yen.

The Monster Hunter 3 Special Edition.
Monster Hunter 3's Classic Controller Pro packs will be available in both black and white varieties.

As announced last month, MH3 will also see a 9,940 yen limited edition through Capcom's e-Capcom online sales site.

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