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Red DSi Arrives with Dragon Quest IX

Nintendo announces sixth DSi color variation for early July.


Nintendo and its third parties (notably Square Enix) often celebrate big releases with hardware bundles featuring special design variations. Dragon Quest IX is getting something even bigger.

Coinciding with its announcement of black Wii hardware and accessories, Nintendo announced today a sixth DSi color variation. A red unit will be released on July 11, bundled with the same items as its sister colors, and carrying the same ¥18,900 price point.

DSi was first released on November 1, 2008 with two color variations: white and black. Nintendo followed up on March 20 with pink lime green and metallic blue.

The sixth DSi color variation.

July 11 (a Saturday) is also the release date for Dragon Quest IX, expected by many to be the DS's next five million seller. It should be noted that Nintendo's announcement of the red unit didn't specifically mention DQIX, so there may actually be no direct connection between the two aside from the timing.

Regardless, expect the 11th to be a busy Saturday for game shops.

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