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Monster Hunter 3 Bundles, Pricing Revealed

Bundled with a black Wii and a free play coupon.


With less than two months to go before its August 1 release, you might have thought that Capcom had run out of things to announce for Monster Hunter 3. Think again. Today, the company announced new bundles for the game, provided first online pricing information, and gave a glimpse at its promotional plans.

Previously, Capcom detailed three ways to buy Monster Hunter 3. The game will be available as a standalone title for ¥7,340. For ¥8,490, players can get the Monster Hunter 3 Classic Controller Pro pack, which bundles the game with a white Classic Controller Pro unit. Finally, e-Capcom buyers can opt for the ¥9,440 Limited Edition pack, which includes a DVD and another unspecified item.

Capcom added today two more options to these three. Joining the white Classic Controller Pro bundle will be a like-priced black version. But real Monster Hunter fanatics will want to set aside a bit more money for the Monster Hunter 3 Special Pack, which bundles the Classic Controller Pro Black bundle with a black Wii system. This will sell for 33,000 yen.

As detailed here earlier in the day, August 1 will also see the standalone release for the black Wii system along with a few black accessories.

Buying the Pro bundle and a black Wii unit separately would run you ¥33,490, meaning this bundle represents a slight savings of ¥490.

The Monster Hunter 3 Special Pack.
Two Classic Controller Pro packs.

No matter how you choose to buy Monster Hunter 3, you'll be able to take part in a special offer for some free online play time. Similar to a promotion used for the Wii version of Monster Hunter G, Capcom will give MH3 buyers a 20 days free play period for online play.

Following that initial trial period, players will have to purchase Hunting Tickets to play further. These will be available at 800 WiiPoints for 30 days play time, 1,500 WiiPoints for 60 days, and 2,000 WiiPoints for 90 days. The pricing here is also similar to that of Monster Hunter G.

In addition to these details, Capcom provided a look at some of its upcoming promotional plans for MH3. The game's official site has been updated with three commercials, focusing respectively on Regiakurus, Kurupekko and Borboros monsters.

Three commercials for Monster Hunter 3.

While Capcom already announced a pre-order bonus for the game, today it provided a first image. As previously announced, buyers will get at random one of three figures: a Ragiakurus, a Kurupekko, or a Rioleia. Each figure measures 10 centimeters in height.

The silhouette versions (left) and final CG versions (right). Were you able to guess the monsters in advance?

Previously, Capcom had shown only a silhouette version of the figures.

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