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Next Xbox Live Park Event is "Virtual On Night"

Play VOOT with two HOT comedians as two HOT chicks look on!


Microsoft has more hotties lined up for the next installment of its Xbox Live Park online events. This time, however, they're not going to be playing.

To the left is Miho Nishida. To the right is Maria Eto. They're both major talents, and they'll be appearing together at next Saturday's Xbox Live Park.

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Set for June 13 from 20:00 to 22:00, the 76th installment of the periodic event is titled Virtual On Night. Sure enough, the focus is on Sega's Xbox Live Arcade download title.

Usually, when two fine ladies like Maria and Miho lend their time to Xbox Live Park, you get to play against them. This time, Microsoft hasn't specified their exact role, only saying that they'll appear in some capacity as part of the event's live Nico Nico simulcast.

As for actual play opportunities, you'll have to settle for these two:

To the left, Yoshiyuki Hirai from comedy group America Zarigani. To the right, Hiro from comedy group Yasuda Dai Circus. They'll be taking part in online play sessions during the event. Joining them will be an unspecified high level Oratorio Tangram player.

To take part in the event, you'll need to send a friend request to one of two Gamer Tags. High level players should send a request to LIVE Park 05. Beginners should send a request to LIVE Park 06. Each tag will accept at most 100 requests.

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