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Devil May Cry 4 and More Go Budget in July

Sony shares upcoming price reduced lineup. Koei lends a hand.


While everyone looks to the future down at E3, Sony looked into the past yesterday to conjure up the latest entries in its "the Best" lineup for PS3, PSP, and PS2.

Here's what's due out in July:

  • Dynasty Warriors 6 PS3 the Best: 7/2, 3990 yen
  • Siren New Translation PS3 the Best: 7/9, 3,800 yen
  • Bleach Heat the Soul 5 PSP the Best: 7/9, 2,800 yen
  • Devil May Cry 4 PS3 the Best: 7/23, 2,990 yen
  • Warriors Orochi PSP the Best: 7/23, 2,940 yen
  • Vacation With Toro PS2 the Best: 7/23, 2,800 yen
  • Warriors Orochi PS2 the Best: 7/23, 2,940 yen

Siren will also be available for cheap at PlayStation Store. The game's Full Pack will go for 3,300 yen. The Episode 1 through 4 Bundle Pack will go for 1,000 yen. Episodes 5 through 12 will go for 300 yen each. Way to screw up my database, Sony you bastards!

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Wait a minute... something's not quite right there. Oh! An Xbox 360 has infiltrated Sony's "The Best" lineup!

Actually, that's just the 360 Platinum Collection version of Dynasty Warriors 6, which Koei announced today for July 2 release as well. It will carry the same 3,990 yen price as its PlayStation 3 counterpart.

Also due for release from Koei is the Koei Teiban series version of Sangokushi VII on PSP. This will be released on 7/23, priced at 1,575 yen.

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