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Street Fighter IV PC Benchmark Dated

Find out if you got the proper equipment for Chun Li's thighs. Plus, Mr. David pushes for a more accurate Guile.


There's still more news coming out of the official Street Fighter IV blog. The latest update, pubished today, offers a date for the PC version's benchmark program.

The big day is June 15. But, due to "adult circumstances" (I think that's what it says!), distribution on that day won't be through the game's official site. The official site will offer the program on the 22nd.

So where do you go to get the benchmark program on the 15th? For the answer to that, we're going to have to wait for either for next week's blog post. There may also be an update before then.

Outside of this notice (about a notice -- sheesh!), the blog contains one interesting bit of Street Fighter IV history. Check out this SFIV screenshot:

Look a little different? That's a pic from a development version of the game over one year back. The blog's writer, Natsuki Shiozawa, shared the pic today as she described a testing period for the game where she had a Viewlix cabinet placed next to her desk. Staff members from other games were asked to play the game and write their opinions in a notebook (the notebook pictured in the blog post -- Shiozawa found it in a drawer while cleaning up today).

One of the more interesting message in the notebook was apparently from David (Crislip), head of the English localization for the game:

In the message, David complains about unnatural English during the results screen.

Below that, he complains about the shortness of Guile's hair, which he said he felt would make the character lose some of its Guileness.

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