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New Pokemon Set for WiiWare

Collect Pokemon toys and face them off in giant battle royals. Do it next week!


Pokemon is making its first trip back to WiiWare following Pokemon Ranch. Pokemon Company announced today Ransen! Pokemon Scramble, a WiiWare battle royal game featuring Pokemon toys.

That's right, Pokemon toys. Rather than real Pokemon, the game features windup Pokemon toys. Don't worry though -- all your favorites will appear in the game, from Pikachu on.

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Pokemon Scramble puts you in overhead battle royals featuring scores of Pokemon fighting it out to be the champion. You and your allied Pokemon make use of skills and items to defeat all your foes on the battle field before time runs out.

Prior to the battle royal fight, you take control of your Pokemon in a variety of overhead play stages. In these, you freely control your character, facing off against rival Pokemon. Once you've downed an enemy, it will join you as part of your party.

At the end of the stage, you'll find a big boss awaiting. You'll have to use all your power and skills to defeat this boss, and possibly make it join your party.

Prior to the battle royal.
Collect all the Pokemon toys!

You can also gather "P" from fallen foes. This serves as in-game money and can be used at Terminals to recruit more allies and switch out skills. The Terminals also serve as your interface to the game, allowing you to check out your collection of Pokemon and see how long you've been playing.

Once you've assembled a crew of Pokemon of a certain amount of strength, the door to the game's Battle royal area will open up and you'll be able to take part in the battle royal fight.

The battle royal sequences.

Pokemon Scramble also includes a cooperative multipalyer mode with support for up to four players. Players can store their Pokemon in their Wiimote to bring over to a friends house. Those without a Wiimote can share a single Wiimote/Nunchuck combo with another player.

Pokemon Scramble hits WiiWare on June 16 priced at 1,500 WiiPoints. Check out the game's official site for a play movie.

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