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Sega, Hori Team Up for Xbox 360 Virtual On Twin Sticks

Dream peripheral officially on the way. As for the price...

Fei-yen is pleased with this news.

Good news for hardcore Virtual On players! Sega has confirmed that an official Twin Sticks peripheral is on the way for the Xbox 360!

The announcement came today through the official Virtual On blog. According to the post, peripheral maker Hori will deliver the device this November.

There's just one little catch with this dream device. Pricing has been set at ¥30,000. For those who speak dollars, thats about $300 US.

Actually, there's a second little catch. The product will be pre-order only. Furthermore, the product will only actually go into production if a certain number of pre-orders are reached. The blog post did not share the exact required number.

Sega is currently working out the specifics on the product and the pre-order program. The company plans on making a formal announcement at the June 13 "Virtual On Night" Xbox Live Park online event.

The blog post finishes by noting that the product has yet to be formally announced by Hori. So if you, for some reason, were planning on contacting them for further info, don't!

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