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PSP, Animal Crossing Cross Major Sales Milestones

Some video games do still sell.


Following up on Famitsu's software sales report today, Mainichi.jp has come through with word of a couple of major milestones for PSP and Animal Crossing, as revealed in Enterbrain's May sales data.

PSP's big milestone was the 12 million mark. Following 181,855 units sold over May, the system has now sold over 12 million units domestically. And that's without PSP go, without Gran Turismo, and before the Monster Hunter fueled software supply has really started. Who wants to wager that Japan will see another 20 million portable system this generation?

Animal Crossing's major milestone was the 5 million mark. The DS version placed 39th in May with 21,265 units sold. This was enough to push it over the five million milestone. The game was originally released in November 2005.

The DS's next five million seller could be Dragon Quest IX, which hits retail on July 11.

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