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Final Fantasy II Hits Virtual Console Next Week

To be joined by an arcade classic.

Final Fantasy II

Nintendo gave its Virtual Console page an earlier-than-expected update this week, providing a limpse at what we can expect in retro gaming next week.

Last month, all the promised releases gradually cleared out, leaving the original Final Fantasy as the only classic console re-release for the download service for the last week of the month.

If you were budgeting your play time for a similar end-of-month appearance for Final Fantasy II, there's some bad news. Final Fantasy II is set for the 16th.

The game is priced at the usual Famicom 500 WiiPoints. Click here for Nintendo's Final Fantasy II page, which includes an online instruction manual.

As with last month, FF will be joined by the latest Namco Bandai Virtual Console Arcade release, 1987's Wonder Momo. Pricing for this is set at the usual VCA price of 800 WiiPoints.

With these two out of the way, the upcoming VC lineup for June has just Detective Saburo Jinguji (Famicom) and Golden Axe (Arcade). Assuming those two come out on the 23rd, there could be another title announcement for the 30th.

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