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Could you sleep on this Puyo Puyo cushion?

The latest Puyo Puyo goods from Cospa can spark magic when your lady friend spends the night.


The latest Puyo Puyo item lineup from Cospa consists of things you might want to have ready in case your lady friend decides to spend the night.

First up are these Puyo Puyo t-shirts, which should be perfect for your friend to change into after she takes a hot bath. You, of course, shouldn't wear a shirt. Nothing turns a girl on more than a chest full of hair.

The one to the left is the Puyo Ringo T-Shirt. The one to the right is the Puyo Kuro T-Shirt.

Both are 100% cotton and will sell for ¥3,045.

Finally (yes, just two items is all you need for a life changing night!), there's this Puyo Puyo cushion, which you can use to rest your head when you play gentleman and take to the couch:

The Puyo Darake Cushion Cover (the actual cushion is sold separately) is 45x45cm and 100% cotton. It's being priced at ¥2,500.

Your strategy should be to fein madness at having all those evil, cursed Puyos behind you as you sleep. She'll invite you into your own bed, which will hopefully have less vibrant linens, and you'll be set!

The Puyo Puyo 7 goods will be available at Cospa in early August.

(NOTE: I reported earlier that the shirts were available exclusively in XS. They're actually available in all sizes. Thanks for the correction, AlphaCananogram!)

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