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Nintendo Partners With McDonalds for New DS Service

Free Pokemon downloads and Big Macs for DS owners starting June 19.


Nintendo and McDonalds Japan announced today the start of a new tie-up that will give DS owners access to a variety of free services at nationwide McDonalds restaurants starting June 19.

The service is known as "Mac de DS," or "DS at McDonalds." DS owners who visit McDonalds shops with their system will have access to such free services as character distribution, digital stamp rallies, coupons for McDonalds food items, comic distribution, and exclusive game demos.

The first character distribution offer will be the Jirachi Pokemon for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. This will be available from June 19 through July 17.

For the stamp rally component, the DS will display a digital collection sheet, which can be filled out with digital stickers that will be available for download at McDonalds shops. Collect a certain number of stamps, and you'll be able to get coupons for free food items. Each McDonalds shop will offer one stamp per day, meaning to get more stamps quickly, DS owners will have to either visit one shop over multiple days or run around visiting multiple shops in a single day.

Similar to the character distribution, the first stamp rally will be themed around Pokemon. The upcoming WiiWare title Pokemon Scramble, due for release on June 16, gets the honors here. Collect eight Pokemon stickers, and you'll get a coupon for a Cheese Burger. Collect sixteen and you'll get a coupon for a Big Mac. This particular stamp rally will run from June 19 through July 17.

The service will also kick off with mini games themed around food, columns about food, a McDonalds quiz program, and a demo for the upcoming DS title Friend Collection.

Following the start of service on June 19, McDonalds plans on bringing the Mac de DS service to 3,200 restaurants throughout the Japan.

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