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Street Fighter IV PC Benchmark Goes Live

Find out where to get it. And check out the original World Warriors posing for a framerate test.


The Street Fighter IV PC Benchmark program arrived as scheduled today just as the clocks turned Monday June 15.

As detailed earlier in the week, you can get the program from Japan's biggest gaming sites, including Impress Watch, 4gamer, and Famitsu. For those who want to avoid all the login jive, I'd suggest going through 4gamer, as they don't require any form of registration.

Capcom already shared a few screen grabs from the benchmark a while back, but here they are again in super duper high res.

The 4gamer article has a bunch more shots, which they apparently took on their own.

My Windows machine doesn't stand a chance with SFIV (or any game post Kings Quest V), so I'm not even going to try to make the download.

According to the 4gamer article, the benchmark consists of replays of Ryu vs Sakura, Cammy vs Viper, and Chun Li vs Gen. After this, the eight original World Warriors appear on the screen simultaneously, looking something like this:

Happy benchmarking!

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