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MSY Brings Mad Catz Peripherals to Japan

First Xbox 360 controller to arrive this summer.


Peripheral maker MSY announced today that it has signed a deal with America's Mad Catz for the release of Mad Catz peripherals in the Japanese market. The first release under the deal will be for an Xbox 360 controller some time this summer. The company did not share specific product information.

MSY was previously reported to be considering a Japanese release for a Mad Catz arcade stick, and offered samples of the overseas versions at April's Tokyo Game Night event.

In a statement released today, MSY said that it would also be bringing Mad Catz peripherals to Sony and Nintendo platforms.

MSY offers a variety of peripherals for PCs, portables and consoles. A recent sample of a home-grown peripheral is the Disaster Report 3 grip, which also appeared in the Irem PSP title as an in-game item.

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