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Monster Hunter 3: The Snack

Get the latest goods before MH3 hits in August.


Just in time for Monster Hunter 3's release, Capcom and its partners are delivering a variety of goods that no hunter should be without.

First up is the Monster Hunter 3 Snack. Released through Bandai Candy (if you didn't know there was a Bandai Candy, you're not alone!), this snack is made to taste like the game's most famous Well Cooked Meat item.

The inside of the cap includes catch phrases that Capcom says hunters everywhere will appreciate. Collect all the phrases!

Also, the lucky few will find a rare Well Cooked Meat G snack inside their cup. This apparently offers three times the snack!

Capcom notes that because it's offered in a cup and thus won't get your hands dirty, you should give it a try before your hunt. (Although if that hunt is through a shiny new black Classic Controller Pro, I'd definitely suggest washing your hands first!)

Look for the snack pack at convenience stores on July 27 at ¥126 a pack.

But what good is eating like a hunter if you don't look like one? Enter the Monster Hunter X Optimystik Border T Shirt. Three designs will be offered starting June 29, each at ¥3,990. They can be purchased through Capcom's e-Capcom site.

Finally, those looking for a more budget way to show off the Monster Hunter love need look no further than these low-priced sticker sets. Released through Gourmandise, these run ¥504 to ¥609 and will be sold in late June.

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