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Take Pokemon Pics in Pokemon Scramble

New WiiWare Pokemon title arrives today.


Pokemon Scramble hits later today. Good thing Nintendo has finally gotten around to opening its own official site for the game.

Most of the details remain unchanged from when the game was announced last week. As revealed last week, Pokemon Scramble is a battle game in which you pit wind up Pokemon toys against one-another in battle royal combat. Prior to the main fight, you build up a team of Pokemon warriors in overhead stages of play.

The official site reveals a few new points for the game.

According to the site, the battle royal will be split into four grades. Each of these grades has its own set of stages where you collect your Pokemon allies. The door to the battle royal will open only once you've collected a certain number of allies.

Controls are apparently made to be simple. You'll be able to make your Pokemon perform skills with just a single button press. The game supports all variations of controllers, including Wiimote, Classic Controller and GameCube controller. As previously detailed a second player can take part in the action by using an attached Nunchuck expansion.

This is something that was actually shown in the video introduced last week, but i neglected to mention it. Pokemon Scramble has a screenshot grabbing feature. You'll be able to freeze the action and take a picture when you like, saving your work to SD.

Screenshots of Pokemon Scramble, released last week.

Look for Pokemon Scramble later today. This is one of the higher priced WiiWare titles, at ¥1,500.

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