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Square Enix Details Dragon Quest IX Mobile Site

Classic RPG franchise expands with community service at launch.

Logo for the mobile service.

A few months back, Square Enix gave a vague introduction to its "Hoshizora Nakamatachi" mobile site for Dragon Quest IX. At long last, the company got around to sharing specifics today.

Hoshizora Nakamatachi, roughly "Friends of the Sky," is a mobile community site that connects to Dragon Quest IX. The site runs as part of the overall Dragon Quest Mobile portal site.

Dragon Quest IX players will be able to use Wi-Fi to upload their play data to a special server. The data can then be accessed freely from the Hoshizora Nakamatachi site. Users of the site can exchange IDs to view profiles and information about friends' progress, including level, job and play time.

The mobile site will also be used for something that sounds similar to Achievements. Players will be tasked with a variety of quests which can be performed either individually or with your fellow players. Clearing these quests will get you mobile contents like screen savers and smilies.

Sample screens of the new mobile service.

Horhizora no Nakamatachi will be accessible on July 11, the same day as Dragon Quest's release, via iMode, EZweb, and Yahoo! Keitai. The service itself is free, but it will only be accessible by members of the paid Dragon Quest Mobile service.

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