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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon May Be Coming to WiiWare

Three downloadable titles could be on the way.


This is totally unverified, but it appears that the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series will be making its way to the WiiWare download service shortly.

Some pictures of a pamphlet have surfaced showing logos for three WiiWare entries in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series: Susume! Hono no Boukendan, Ikuzo! Arashi no Boukendan, and Mezase! Hikari no Boukendan. These respectively translate to "Advance! Fire Adventure Group," "Go! Storm Adventure Group" and "Aim For It! Light Adventure Group."

The scan promises a more details to come at official sites.

The source material in the picture appears to be a pamphlet. A pamphlet from McDonalds of all places. You might be thinking that this is just like when a new Metal Gear was inadvertently confirmed through 7-Eleven. But, then again, there is this:

That Famitsu.com picture shows Satoru Iwata holding a giant Big Mac and getting attacked from behind by Ronald McDonald. As detailed over the weekend, Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and McDonalds are teaming up for some new Pokemon initiatives.

I'll check the validity of the image when I tour Shibuya's McDonalds for a free Big Mac on Friday.

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