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Pokemon Scramble: How to Get Rattata

Pokemon shares a special code for getting a special Pokemon.


Pokemon Scramble hit WiiWare today right on schedule. And to celebrate, The Pokemon Company offered players somewhat of a bonus.

One of the features of Pokemon Scramble is the ability to input passwords for unlocking special Pokemon. To commemorate the release of the game, Pokemon shared one such password.

Players can unlock a specially colored and powered version of Rattata (known as Colatta in the Japanese version) with the code "3884-9402." This code can be input through the "Nakama Boshu" area of the game's terminal stations.

Getting Rattata from a terminal.

The "special power" versions of the Pokemon offer a variety of bonuses over their standard counterparts, including higher speed, the ability to heal, and higher critical hit ratio. You'll occasionally encounter these special Pokemon as you gather allies.

Special versions of Pikachu and Garchomp. Here, Pikachu has increased critical attack rate. Garchomp is stronger against Dragon type skills.
Multiple color versions of Eevie

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