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Dragon Quest IX Now In Production

Horii and others share marketing plans at completion event.


Dragon Quest IX has finished its lengthy development cycle. The game is now in production and looks like it will make its July 11 release date.

Square Enix shared a status update on DQIX at a press conference held in Tokyo today to commemoration the games completion. Dragon Quest series father Yuji Horii and DQIX producer Ryutaro Ichimura spoke about the game and also gave a glimpse at upcoming promotional plans.

Most notable among the announcements was that the four members of musical group SMAP would be featuring in the game's commercials. This shouldn't come as a surprise, as the group has previously appeared in DQ commercials in the past. Two commercials will run in 15 and 30 second varieties from June 20 through July 31.

Also detailed at the event was the previously announced community mobile site, Hoshizora no Nakamatachi. As reported here earlier, this mobile portal allows users to upload their save data for a variety of community features.

Outside of the announcements, Hori and Ichimura shared comments on the game in general. "It will definitely come out on July 11," said Hori. The game had originally been scheduled for release on March 28, but suffered a last minute delay due to bugs.

One of the points of the game this time, commented Hori, is the ability to play with anyone. "This time, it's made so that you can keep on playing even after you've cleared it."

The press event also saw the airing of a new seven minute trailer for the game. Interested parties can see this at the Dragon Quest IX official site.

Screens of Dragon Quest IX, distributed today by Square Enix.

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