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Platinum's Debut Tops Media Create Charts

Slow week lead by DS.


Game sales continue to fall as summer approaches. Following a 40% drop off last week, Media Create reports total software sales for June 8 through June 14 of 556,694 units, 79.35% of the week prior.

Platinum Games' debut title for Japan takes the top spot.

The top seller for the period was the first Japanese title out of Sega and Platinum Games, Infinite Space (Madworld was not released here). Known as Mugen Kourou here, the DS title debuted with 38,394 units sold. As this was an extremely high 92.14% sell through rate, it's likely that Sega could have sold more.

Recent long-legged releases followed. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Square Enix, DS) placed second, with 28,000 units, taking it above the 400,000 mark. It was followed by Sloan and McHale's Mystery Adventure (Level-5, DS) in third with 26,000 units, Ace Attorney Investigations (Capcom, DS) in fourth with 18,000 units, and Dynasty Warriors Empires (Koei, PS3) in fifth with 14,000 units.

The only other game to debut in the top 10 this week was the New Play Control version of Chibi Robo (Nintendo, Wii), in seventh with 11,000 units. Also debuting this week under the New Play Control series was Metroid Prime 2 (Nintendo, Wii), although it only managed placement at 43.

Here's the full top 10 covering June 8 through June 14. Total sales are in parenthesis.

  • Infinite Space (Sega, DS): 38,000 (new)
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Square Enix, DS): 28,000 (429,000)
  • Sloan and McHale's Mystery Adventure (Level-5, DS): 26,000 (128,000)
  • Ace Attorney Investigations (Capcom, NDS): 18,000 (233,000)
  • Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires (Koei, PS3): 14,000 (117,000)
  • Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G PSP the Best (Capcom, PSP): 13,000 (735,000)
  • New Play Control Chibi Robo! (Nintendo, Wii): 11,000 (new)
  • Wii Fit (Nintendo, Wii): 10,000 (3,454,000)
  • Evangelion Jo (Namco Bandai, PSP): 8,000 (23,000)
  • Arc Rise Fantasia (MMV, Wii): 8,000 (34,000)

Other games debuting outside of the top 10 include Evangelion Iron Girlfriend 2nd Portable (Cyber Front, PSP) at 23 and Onore no Shinzuru Michi wo Yuke (From Software, PSP) at 25.

In the hardware race, DSi remained at the top once again. The orders remained unchanged from last week, with most everything down. The exception was the Xbox 360 which continued to rise.

Here's the full hardware chart, with last week's sales in parenthesis:

  • DSi: 36,872 (38,783)
  • PSP :26,904 (29,070)
  • Wii: 18,442 (17,177)
  • PS3: 10,009 (10,173)
  • Xbox 360: 8,015 (6,625)
  • DS Lite: 5,408 (5,664)
  • PS2 :3,498 (4,096)

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