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Arc Supports DSi Ware

Guilty Gear maker delivering new puzzle game to Nintendo's download service.


Arc System Works, a major backer of WiiWare through its "Okiraku" series of casual titles, is targeting DSiWare next. The company announced today its first title for the download service, Otegaru Puzzle Series Chillia no Douboutsu Koya.

The crazy Japanese translates to "Simple Puzzle Series: Chillia's Animal House." In this overhead puzzle game, you take control of Chillia who must guide animals into their individual animal houses. The animals move simultaneously, making this potentially tricky.

The game offers a total of 50 stages, split into five chapters consisting of 10 stages each. Each time you clear a stage, you get piece of an image, eventually building up a wallpaper which can be viewed in a viewing gallery.

Chillia's Animal House hits DSi Ware in June 24 at 500 DSi Points.

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