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New Hardware Shown at World Hobby Fair

Black Wii, Water Wiimote, PSP Go all make their debuts.


The World Hobby Fair isn't known for major reveals of any sort, but this summer's show did mark the world debuts of two pieces of hardware and the Japanese debut of one.

Making its world debut was the black Wii. This was located in the Capcom booth as part of a display showing off the various Monster Hunter sets. That includes the software-only version of the game, the black and white Classic Controller Pro bundles, and the black Wii Special Set.

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My impression of the system is that it's very shiny. I imagine it will have the same issues as the black PS3 -- it will look really slick when you first set it up in your entertainment center, but unless you care for it frequently, fingerprints and dust will show.

One other point of note is the Wiimote condom. While it looked like it might have been just a general translucent condom, it actually has a black color.

Also making its world debut was Nintendo's blue Wiimote/Nunchuck (the Japanese sites appear to refer to the color as "water blue"). This was in the Nintendo booth, which was actually just a giant Wii Sports Resort booth, as nothing else was being shown.

As previously detailed, the devices will be given away to Wii Sports Resort buyers via a drawing. Only 5,000 will be on offer, making this a sure-fire collector's item.

See those two Miis in the above pic next to the Wiimote? Those are Mii versions of comedy group Ninety-Nine's Takashi Okamura and Hiroyuki Yabe. They will be included in the Wiimote.

The World Hobby Fair also marked the Japanese debut for a major piece of Sony hardware: PSP Go! If I'm not mistaken, this was the system's first public showing. Sony had a white and black version in a case next to a bunch of PSP-3000's and some PS3s.

I was surprised by how small the system is. I thought it was just a cardboard cutout at first because it looked so flat. I'm definitely hoping to get my hands on it later this year.

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