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Hands On: Monster Hunter 3

The thrilling fight against the water dragon Ragiakurus.


I wasn't certain if the World Hobby Fair version of Monster Hunter 3 was new or not. It offered up the same mountain region as the Monster Hunter G demo, but unlike that it had three quest options. Impress Watch later confirmed that the demo was the same one as was shown at Jump and at the Tokyo Game Show, but I'm glad I lined up anyway, as I was able to experience an awesome fight against the game's cover beast, the water dragon Ragiakurus.

The game was set up for groups of four. Before selecting our characters, we were told to select one of the three available quests. Presumably because it wasn't in the G demo, everyone seemed to agree on a face off against Ragiakurus.

Ragiakurus has cover art dues for Monster Hunter 3.

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As with the G quests, this one starts you off in the same encampment area. The Capcom rep instructed us to go to the right, where a pier allows for hunters to either fish or easily dive into the water. I tried to fish for a bit, but everyone seemed to be speeding off to an encounter with Ragiakurus, so I dove in and followed.

Our fight against Ragiakurus started off in the deep. However, after a beating, he fled to a separate area, emerging on the shore for a ground fight. After another beating, he fled back to his under water starting point, where we were able to defeat him.

The two main beasts in the Monster Hunter G demo were intense. But they've got nothing on Ragiakurus. He's particularly brutal on land, where you can get a feel for his size and ferocity.

Ragiakurus also displays some interesting quirks. At one point, he charged away from me and ended up diving into the ground, burrowing his head in. I wasn't sure why he was doing this, but the staff indicated that I we should take the opportunity to deal him some major damage.

One of my fellow players let out a cheer when we killed him, then came over and gave me a high five. I'm not sure if I'd get that excited, but the fight against Ragiakurus was certainly a thrill, one I expect to be repeated when facing off against MH3's many other creatures.

Capcom controlled crowds by distributing tickets in advance. The result was a wait to play of 15 minutes rather than 5 hours.
Demo units were set up for play in groups of four.
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G was also on display, with a beginner's learning area and an expert's area.

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