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New DSi Ware Games Announced

Nintendo and third parties deliver a bunch of titles to close off the month.


June 24 looks like it's going to be another big day for DSi Ware. Nintendo and its third parties have a bunch of games due out to close off the month. Here's a look.

I've already written about Chillia's Animal House. As detailed last week, this 500 DSi Point puzzle game from Arc System Works has you lead animals into individual houses. The game includes 50 stages.

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If I'm not mistaken, this is a first for DSi Ware. G Mode is bringing out a foreign game for the service. Real Soccer 2009, released in early May in North America, arrives here for 800 DSi Points. The game offers stylus-based controls and some neat photo effects, allowing you to place your picture on a player and on the stadium screen. An official license allows for real teams and players.

IE Institute is mixing English training and puzzles for its first DSi Ware game. Titled Junior High Standard English Vocabulary word Puzzle, this puzzle game teaches some 1,430 words as you play a falling blocks puzzle game. Pricing is set at 200 DSi Points.

This DSi Ware update isn't all third party, though. Nintendo is stepping up with one title: Fortify Through Rhythm: New English Trainer -- Native Conversation Version. This is just an advanced version of the previous DSi Ware English Trainer, which arrived on May 27. It includes phrases and words that native speakers often use, all recorded at native speed.

The first New English Trainer included a 25 episode drama telling a love story between two characters, Bob and Cathy. The drama for the Native Conversation version kicks off with Bob and Cathy married and surrounds the occurrences in their household.

You can hear some sample drills at the game's official site.

More notable than these four titles is what isn't coming out on the 24th. Square Enix still has yet to set a final date for Dragon Quest Wars, although the game is scheduled for June. DSi Ware games usually come out on Wednesdays, and with the 24th being the last Wednesday of the month, it's possible that the game may end up slipping to some time in July.

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