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Tecmo Koei Plans Overseas Restructure

Company aims for greater efficiency in overseas markets.


Tecmo Koei Holdings announced today a planned restructuring for its overseas subsidiaries.

The current Tecmo Koei group structure has the Japanese Koei and Tecmo serving as direct subsidiaries to Tecmo Koei Holdings. Tecmo serves as parent company to Tecmo Inc, which handles sales in North America. Koei serves as parent company to North America's Koei Corporation, Europe's Tecmo Koei Europe Limited, Korea's Koei Korea Corporation, ad South Asia's Taiwan Koei Entertainment Software Inc.

The new structure will have the Japanese Koei and Tecmo remain as direct subsidiaries to Tecmo Koei Holdings. A new tentatively named Tecmo Koei America Corporation will be formed as a direct subsidiary to Tecmo Koei Holdings and will be tasked with overall sales for the North American market. Below it will be Tecmo Inc and Koei Corporation, focusing respectively on the Tecmo and Koei brands. Some current operations from Tecmo Inc and Koei Corporation will move to their new parent.

Also becoming direct subsidiaries of Tecmo Koei Holdings will be Tecmo Koei Europe Limited, Tecmo Koei Korea Corporation, and Tecmo Koei Entertainment Software Taiwan.

Tecmo Koei group operations before (left) and after (right) the changes.

The changes will take effect some time during the first half of the current fiscal year.

With these changes, the company aims to tackle marketing and distribution at the group level, improve efficiency in its use of resources and know-how, and increase the strength of its overseas subsidiary management through expanded software sales.

Tecmo Koei Holdings was formed on April 1 as part of a merger of operations for Koei and Tecmo. The two publishers still sell product under their respective brands.

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