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Last Remnant PS3 Prospects Not Looking Good

Square Enix CEO hints at cancelation for PS3 version of multiplatform RPG.

Are PS3 owners out of luck with Last Remnant?

Square Enix said that Last Remnant would be multi platform. And it certainly was, having been released on both the Xbox 360 and PC.

But the other target platform for the game may not see the light of day. During an investors meeting today, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada made some comments that suggest PS3 owners could be out of luck.

Makonako posted a summary of the shareholder meeting today. While much of the talk was about earnings and dividends, a Q&A session during the second half of the event saw a question about the status of the PS3 Last Remnant.

To recap Makonako's summary, Wada responded that although it's tough on the development side of things to say that you'll release a game on multiple platforms but end up not doing so, Square Enix has to think about profitability. If there's a gap in the release of multiple versions of a game, and if the first version didn't necessarily see such great success, they have to think that there won't be a change in performance on a new platform.

While Wada's response doesn't contain a straight no-go on the PS3 version of the game -- it doesn't actually mention Last Remnant by name -- it looks like PS3 hold-outs should look into getting the game on either the Xbox 360 or PC.

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