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KORG-DS10 Followup Announced

AQ expands its critically acclaimed music creation tool.


AQ Interactive announced today a followup to its critically acclaimed DS musical creation tool, KORG DS10. Titled KORG DS10 Plus, the new program will be released on September 17 at ¥3,990, about ¥1,000 less than the original.

Like its predecessor, KORG DS10 Plus attempts to recreate the Korg MS-10 analogue synthesizer on your DS. The followup adds new features, including real time edit and track mute during live performances.

Those using the DSi system will be able to access the new Dual DS10 Mode. This mode increases analogue synth from 2 to 4, drum machine from 4 to 8 and tracks from 6 to 12.

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Outside of a standard edition, AQ will also be offering a ¥5,985 Limited Edition. Part of a collaboration with a magazine called "Otona no Kagaku Magazine," this version of the game features a different label for the cartridge, demo songs, and a guide book created by the magazine editors.

AQ posted a YouTube video of a mock announcement for the product. You can view it here.

The first KORG DS10 was sold exclusive through Amazon.co.jp. For the sequel, AQ plans a full retail release.

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