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Sakaguchi: Gameplay Systems Nearly Finalized on New Title

Mistwalker founder provides update on next game.


Mistwalker's Hironobu Sakaguchi made an update to his blog on the 24th, sharing a few extra comments on his upcoming mystery project.

As detailed in early May, the Final Fantasy mastermind and producer of such games as Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey is working on a new game that could be announced as early as this year. The game promises RPG-like strategy and character growth elements, along with some unique features for its control scheme.

The latest blog post, dated the 24th, begins with Sakaguchi offering concern about his dog Skip, who apparently had a cold.

He then shares some precious details on the new project. In the afternoon, he'd headed off to Tokyo for a meeting regarding the new project. The gameplay systems are almost finalized, he says. More mysteriously, he says the game "strategically uses the 'chaos and disorder of the battle field' in real time." The balance and growth parameter areas of the game are not yet done, he says, but the game is at the level where you can get into it.

Sakaguchi is presumably being purposefully vague pending a proper announcement of the game, so you'll have to scrutinize his comments for meaning.

Currently, those comments are just in Japanese. However, the Mistwalker site usually provides English language versions of blog posts a few days after their Japanese counterparts, so interested parties should check back.

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