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Pokemon Dated, Priced

Cost for the Poke Walker peripheral: zero.


Were you worried about a possible price hike for Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver due to the inclusion of the Poke Walker peripheral? Well worry no more! The Pokemon Company announced final release details for the games today, and it seems like Pikachu and friends are going to be sucking up the hardware cost.

Heart Gold and Soul Silver will be released on September 12. Each will be available exclusively as part of a bundle with the Poke Walker peripheral. Despite the extra hardware, Pokemon is charging their standard ¥4,800 price for each version.

This latest pair of Pokemon RPGs are remakes of the 1999 Pokemon Gold and Silver for Game Boy. Outside of the new Poke Walker peripheral support, the games boast a number of new features, including the ability to select between male and female lead characters.

Although not mentioned in today's notice from Pokemon, the Pokemon booth at the World Hobby Fair detailed a pre-order program for the games. Those who pre-order Gold will get a figure for Ho-oh. Those who pre-order Silver will get a figure for Lugia. Those who pre-order both simultaneously will get a figure for Arcus. The pre-order program kicks off on July 4.

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