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Sloane and MacHale Gets a Sequel

Level-5 delivers a DS follow-up in record time! First screens and details.


The original Sloane and MacHale's Mysteries was released a little over a month ago, back on May 21. Time for a sequel? You bet it's time for a sequel, and Level-5 is providing just that.

The Fukuoka-based publisher/developer announced today Sloane and MacHale's Mysteries 2. The DS sequel will see release on September 3, priced at ¥3,500.

Players once again tackle "Situation Puzzles" by viewing a story with a strange ending, then answering a series of questions in order to find the truth behind the mysteries. A newly opened official site promises the same style of silhouette images and narration from the first game.

For the sequel, players can look forward to at least five stories: Koukaku na Hon, Isu wo Kakaeta Otoko, Shi no Drive, Mizuwo Aruku Josei, and Satsutaba wo Yaku Tounan.

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Sloane and MacHale's Mysteries 2 will be the fourth entry in Level-5's "Atamania" series of casual titles. The original was the first in the series, with the two more recent Atama Taisou games being second and third.

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