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First Look: Dynasty Warriors 6 Special

The latest Dynasty Warriors gets shrunk down for portable players.


First word on Dynasty Warriors 6 Special already leaked out the usual way earlier this week, but today Koei made things official. The latest numbered entry in the Dynasty Warriors series is making the move from PS3, Xbox 360 and PS2 to the PSP.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Special (formally titled here as "Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special") is based off the PlayStation 2 version of Dynasty Warriors 6, which also carried the "Special" in its title. The game features over 23 generals, varied battle fields that require strategic play, and a story told via more than 250 movies.

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PSP owners get some exclusive features. Meng Huo, a general who appeared in the recent Xbox 360 and PS3-only Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires can be selected as a playable character in the game's Free Mode. Additionally, the game offers the expected two player ad-hoc support for both Musou and Free modes.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Special hits PSP in September. Koei has set pricing at ¥5,544.

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