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Virtual Console Gets Just Three Games in July

Nintendo's retro lineup has been swimming.


The Virtual Console lineup has been getting smaller and smaller with every passing month. And July looks like it's going to be the slowest month yet for the service.

Nintendo updated its lineup page today, as it's often prone to doing towards to the of the month. The page now contains the service's lineup for July. Unfortunately, the lineup has just three games!

Due out for the service in July are Final Fantasy III (Square Enix, Famicom, 500 Wii Points), Super Punch Out!! (Nintendo, Super Famicom, 800 Wii Points), and Shinobi (Sega, Arcade, 800 Wii Points).

These three will be preceded on the 30th by Detective Saburo Shinguji Toki no Sugiyuki Mamani (Arc system Works, Famicom, 500 WiiPoints) and Mabael Land (Namco Bandai, Arcade, 800 WiiPoints).

As is always the case, this may not be a complete lineup. Namco Bandai tends to announce its arcade downloads the week prior to their release.

But even with a few additional Namco Bandai arcade titles, don't expect too much classic gaming from Nintendo and its third parties in the coming month.

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