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Capcom Reconfirms Lost Planet 2 Demo

New details on super sequel shared at latest Midnight Live 360 event.


Capcom gave some strong hits at E3 that it would be releasing a demo for Lost Planet 2 at some point in the future. Last night, during the latest Midnight Live 360 broadcast at Famitsu.com, the company made a slightly more formal announcement.

As reported at Famitsu.com earlier today, LP2 producer Jun Takeuchi said during the broadcast that a demo of the game is currently in the works. The demo will be a revised version of the demo that was shown at E3 and will give players a chance to try out four player co-op play.

So when will we get this demo? Unfortunately, Takeuchi would only give a vague "We'll probably be able to offer it after a bit more time." You can read that however you like, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't actually say anything.

This episode of Midnight Live 360 was titled Capcom Special Vol.2. Two pieces of Capcom content were featured in the broadcast: Bionic Commando and Lost Planet 2.

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For Bionic Commando, producer Ben Judd made an appearance to pimp the just-released title himself. The Famitsu.com report refers to Judd as being widely known as the American who speaks the Kansai-ben (that's the "dialect" of Japanese they speak down in the Osaka area). People seem to be interested in Judd's Japanese ability, as he was asked during a viewer Q&A session where he learned Japanese. The answer was that he'd attended Ohio State University, which has a strong Japanese language program.

Appearing for the Lost Planet 2 part of the broadcast were Takeuchi, LP2 director Kenji Ohguro and Capcom PR man Ryosuke Hagiwara. This part of the program consisted of a demo play session of the E3 version of the game.

Outside of talk about the demo, the three shared a few bits of info on the game during a Q&A session. I'm not sure what exactly is new and what was shared during the billion E3 interviews on the game, but here's what's mentioned in the Famitsu.com article:

  • Based off feedback from the E3 demo sessions, they're making changes to the game daily.
  • They're currently thinking of having players earn customization parts for their characters by unlocking Achievements.
  • Campaign mode also allows for co-op play, with players able to join in and break off play freely. When other players aren't taking part, the game uses BOTs for support.
  • Start and the d-pad can be used to perform what I believe may be taunt-style actions. You can customize these. The game will offer a large variety of moves, ranging from the comical to the sexy.
  • You'll be able to make a weapon set.
  • The game will have a ton of achievements ranging from "what the!?" to "this is tough" style.
  • The game is still due out for this winter.

The next Midnight Live 360 specials will take place on July 10 and July 31. The content of the July 10 event is being kept secret. The July 31 event will be about Gears of War 2 which hits retail the day before.

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