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Sengoku Basara 3 Announced

Looks like the big tease wasn't for Onimusha after all.

Screenshot from the recent PSP entry in the series. Sengoku Basara has a strong female following.

Capcom is currently working away at Sengoku Basara 3, Famitsu.com reports today. The company announced the game at a Sengoku Basara series press conference today as being in development for 2010 release.

A platform for the game was not specified. Past entries have appeared on PlayStation 2, Wii, and most recently PSP.

It's likely that this is the game being teased at by Capcom in its recent teaser site. Updates at the site over the past few days have lead some to speculate that a new Onimusha game could be on the way. However, the teaser site was first linked to by the Sengoku Basara series portal.

Sengoku Basara is known overseas as Devil Kings. Here in Japan, it has a strong following and is regularly cited by Capcom for its strong performance with female audiences.

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