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Square Enix Commemorates Dragon Quest IX Release through Virtual World

Celebrate the long awaited release with Slime and friends.


A recent trend for Square Enix is to hold launch events for major releases in its Square Enix Members Virtual World virtual space. Sure enough, the biggest release of them all will be getting this treatment.

Square Enix announced today the Dragon Quest IX Launch Commemoration Event, to be held in the Square Enix Members Virtual World throughout most of the day starting Friday, July 10 at noon. DQIX officially releases on July 11.

Participants in the virtual event can look forward to appearances by Dragon Quest IX monsters, time limited quests, and messages from the Dragon Quest IX development staff in avatar form. The world will also be decked out in Dragon Quest IX signage, with visitors given a chance for photo ops.

Things kick off at noon with the start of quests. Monsters will appear at 18:00, followed by video messages of support at 19:00. Staff messages will be relayed at 20:00, 21:00, and 22:00. Square Enix hasn't specified who exactly will be appearing.

For more details, see the event page at Square Enix Members. Those who cannot participate in the event will be able to get a recap in the screenshot gallery on that page.

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