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Grand Theft Auto IV Download Content Set for Japan

It's Xbox 360 only here too.


Japanese players aren't being left out of Rockstar's download content offerings for Grand Theft Auto IV. Capcom, the game's domestic publisher, announced today plans to release the game's The Lost and Damned download pack to Japan. The company did not share pricing and release information.

Already in distribution overseas, The Lost and Damned is an Xbox 360-only expansion that features a new main character, Johnny Klebitz, and new missions set in Liberty City. Overseas, the content was priced at $19.99 US.

In addition to this announcement, Capcom made its own announcement about budget versions of Grand Theft Auto IV. As announced by Sony yesterday, the PS3 the Best version of the game will arrive on August 27, priced at ¥3,990. The 360 version will be released simultaneously at the same price, under Microsoft's Platinum Collection series.

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