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Square Enix (Not So Mysterious) Mystery Game: Now There's a Foursome

Is this the final update for this cursed teaser site?


Let me begin by refreshing your memory about this whole Square Enix teaser site thing. Exactly one week ago, Square Enix opened a teaser site showing a drawing with nothing but a plain background and a gaudy number 4. Over the following days, the drawing was filled in with a dragon, then a boy riding the dragon, and then a girl joining the boy on the dragon's back.

It was about this time that images from next week's Weekly Jump leaked out confirming the game to be Four Warriors of Light: Final Fantasy Gaiden and showing a complete version of the drawing along with a bunch of screenshots.

Square Enix, apparently oblivious to the leaks, continued with the teasing, and yesterday added a third character to the dragon's back.

Today, the fourth and final character mounted the dragon, who doesn't look at all discomforted despite having a small army of children weighing him down.

This is presumably the final update before the game sees its full unveil on Monday.

Japanese publishers are going to have to start taking into consideration magazine leaks when planning their teaser sites. I feel sorry for Famitsu.com and the likes who can't in good faith write about the game (that would be like IGN writing about a Game Informer cover story before the magazine actually hits stands).

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