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Minna no Sukkiri Demo Now Available

Download one mini game for a limited time. More to follow soon!


Sony formally unveiled its mystery Hot Shots series game today to be Minna no Sukkiri. The company opened an official site and made available a promised demo.

Minna no Sukkiri is written in English at the official site as Everyone's Sukkiri. Sukkiri is Japanese for "Refreshing," although it's unclear how Sony would translate the term for an English language release, which would presumably be called Hot Shots something.

The Minna no Sukkiri official site.

The latest Hot Shots game represents somewhat of a change for the series. While past entries have focused on sports like golf and tennis, this new entry is a mini game collection consisting of 12 events.

Those who liked the sports connection of past titles will be happy to know that many of the events have a sports focus. As detailed in Famitsu, the 12 events are:

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You karate chop items as they appear from different sides of the screen.
Crazy Farmer
Make use of a tractor to destroy obstacles on your farm.
Georama Daisakusen
An action mini game where you use guns, grenades and other weapons to destroy enemy tanks.
Home Run
A batting game where you attempt to get the highest home run total.
Kick a soccer ball and attempt to hit things.
Knock out your opponent by charging up your attack strength.
Hikko Nuki
A vegetable-themed puzzle game where you control Minna no Golf character Suzuki.
Big Cleaning
Clean up garbage using a vacuum cleaner.
Book Organization
Attempt to organize books that have been placed out of order.
Pie Toss
Throw pies at characters in school, on the train, and in the office.
A high speed race across a straight course where your goal is to pass up a set number of cars.
Sawai Giri
Use swords, axes and spears to slice monsters who appear on your kitchen table in the form of vegetables.

While the composition of the game has changed, the people behind it have not. Developer ClapHanz is listed as the game's developer.

ClapHanz CEO Masashi Murakami delivered a message at the official site in which he said he expects the game to appeal to an even broader audience than the series' tennis and golf installments. Hot Shots series producer Daisaku Ikejiri noted that the games offer a refreshing feel as they can be played in three minutes. Players can also play for longer periods, challenging the score.

Sony is taking somewhat of a unique approach to demo offerings for the game. It will be offering a series of demos focusing on different mini games. The first is the book organization mini game. This will be available through July 30. Further demos will follow, although Sony has yet to share specifics.

Sony is doing a couple of things to encourage players to download the demo. It's possible to give the demo to friends as presents via game sharing. Additionally, coins that you've earned in the demo can be used in the final retail version of the game.

That retail version hits this Fall. Pricing has yet to be announced.

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